Armagh Independent is our membership scheme – an extension to Armagh I.

Signing up for membership (12 months) means you will have access to dozens of fantastic deals at some of our best independent businesses but that’s not all! Buy two Independent cards for just £19.99 here.

Our competitions and giveaways will be now be exclusively members-only. We’ve already given away a £500 holiday voucher and £250-plus BBQ pack.

We will endeavour to continue adding unbelievable value to our members, whose membership will ultimately help us grow and deliver on more of the things you want to engage with – from events (when they’re back), photos, videos, podcasts, features and more…

How does it work?

When you sign up, you will receive your Independent Card in the post within a couple of days. Your login details will give you instant access to the members side of the website where you can check what your membership entitles you to. (Note: Check Spam folders for login details if they don’t arrive).

Do you want to get your business involved? 

Businesses can get involved by emailing us at You can run deals on the Independent Card for a year, or a week – whatever suits your needs. You can also tell us about your normal deals so we can inform our dedicated members.

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